What We Do

Shem Creek Fisheries is a 501 C3 non-profit organization supporting local fishermen, their families and crew through local product distribution, equipment purchases and other offerings to preserve our heritage and promote a sustainable local seafood ecosystem.

We identify and promote local restaurants and retailers who source and serve  fresh seafood and who support a sustainable local seafood ecosystem.
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We work with local fleet captains
and crews to provide them with
new and updated regulatory and
safety equipment.
            Safe Fleet!
We work with area providers to source
insurance options to make health and
medical care affordable for our fleet
Captains and their families.
              Healthy Fleet!
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​Phone: 843-446-7942

Email: scfisheries@gmail.com


Look for our emblem and follow us to find where you can purchase local fresh catch, join us at events, buy SCF products, review favorite recipes, donate and share your stories.

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